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How to use curry leaves to reduce hair fall and obtain healthy hair?




If you are facing hair fall, we are here for your rescue. Here are some natural homemade remedies for reduce your hair fall and make your hair healthy and strong.

Curry leaves  have been used by our ancestors for various uses. One of its major use was for the hair. Indian women, especially South Indian, swear by curry leaves; whether it is in their hair oils or foods, they always put some in them. 

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Benefits of curry leaves:


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Curry leaves are rich in beta-carotene  and proteins . Beta-carotene  and proteins  are known for reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth. It also contains amino acids  and antioxidants  which are known for strengthening the hair follicles  (loose hair follicles are the main cause of hair fall) and moisturising dry scalp conditions, thus preventing dandruff. Curry leaves are also rich in antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals of your hair and keep them healthy and strong. Do you know that curry leaves give your hair its natural colour thus increasing the lifespan of your hair? Curry leaves are also beneficial for the skin. It helps in the removal of dead skin cells with continuous use and makes your skin young and radiant. 

How to make curry leaves hair oil:


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It is best to make these hair oils in coconut oil  as coconut oil is well known for its penetrating, nourishing and moisturising properties and is best suited for getting the benefits of curry leaves. It is also anti-fungal which will increase the shelf-life of the oil. 


  • Take a bunch of curry leaves. The curry leaves should neither be too young nor too old. Wash them with clean water. 
  • Dry those completely preferably with a cloth and not under the sun or else the nutrients will fade away. • Now, put the curry leaves in a mixture grinder along with a tea spoon of coconut oil to get a smooth paste. 
  • Then, in a pan, heat some coconut oil. It is advisable to use the double boiling process so that the essential nutrients of the coconut oil do not fade away. Let the coconut oil get heated properly. 
  • Now, keep the heat low and add the curry leaves paste to it. Mix it with a spoon and let the curry leaves get fried in the oil for some time. 
  • Fry the paste until it starts to turn golden in colour and then turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down completely. 
  • Take a muslin cloth and a container and squeeze the oil out from the mixture. Wait! Do not throw away the paste which remains on the muslin cloth. We can use it in many ways. 
  • Now, take a bottle of your choice to store the oil preferably a glass bottle. You will get beautiful green coloured oil if you will follow the steps properly. You can store it up to a period of 6 months. 
This oil is equally beneficial for your face but make sure you make it with some other oil rather than coconut oil as coconut oil is comedogenic  in nature and can block the pores on your face thus causing acne. 

Curry leaves for hair and face mask:


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  • Remember the paste left on the muslin cloth ? Take some curd and add the paste to it and apply it as a hair mask. You can even add it to curries to enhance the taste and also because it is healthy. Applying a curry leaves hair mask will give you equal benefits but you may prefer it as it will be fresh. You can also apply it as a face mask for healthy skin. 
  • Take a handful of curry leaves and put them in a mixture grinder. Put 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or any oil of your choice and make a paste. Apply it on your hair. This will give you hair a shine and also nourish your scalp. You can even add 2-3 tablespoons of curd to this mixture for maximum benefits.

How to consume curry leaves: 

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Curry leaves also have many benefits for your hair and overall health when consumed. Here are some ways:

  • Take a few curry leaves and chew them to make a paste in your mouth. Then swallow it. This is most beneficial when done empty stomach. 
  • You can add a few leaves to curries and fries to enhance the taste as well as enjoy its benefits. 
  • You can also make chutney out of curry leaves. Just add a handful of curry leaves, salt as per taste, chillies as per taste, a few cloves of garlic to a mixture grinder to get delicious chutney. 

For these homemade hair oils, hair masks and recipes to work on your hair, skin and your overall health, you have to be patient. Since it is all natural, it will take a span of 3-5 months, but you will live with the benefits for ever. 

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