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Top 10 best career options for Humanities students to choose from




Are you one of those souls who is confused about the career options you have after completing class XII in Humanities stream? Here we have the best career options for you to choose from.

There is a popular belief among people that Humanities  is a field which do not have much to offer, which basically means that you will have less career options if you choose to take Humanities  as your stream. This is not true at all. There are various career options which come under Humanities  that ensures a good future. The students who choose Humanities  as a field of study have various options. Here are a few of them: 

1) Social Sciences: 

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Social sciences  is a vast course which includes many fields of study. It helps you to know about the society and the relationships between individuals and hence you also end up learning more about yourself. It is also a study of human behavior which has great future scopes as the current society is dealing with many types of mental illnesses. Thus, nowadays, social sciences  is considered as a respectable field in the society. The major professions in this field are: Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Historian, Economist, Psychologist and Sociologist. 

2) Civil and Government Services:


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The most sought-after jobs nowadays come from this field. They not only give good money but also great status and offer highly respectable job positions. There are various exams which takes place to select the ones who are capable in running various administrative  offices in the country. The exams are somewhat tough and since many people appear for them every year, there is a lot of competition too. The professions that come under this category are: IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS. 

3) Law:


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Law  is another option for students studying humanities. The best part about law is that there is nothing called retirement. There is no limit to your age and you can work as many years as you want. Also, law is a vast course and contains many course materials which you need to go through but it is worth it. The professions that one looks at while studying law are: Judge, Advocate, Lawyer, Solicitor, Paralegal. 

4) Literary Arts:


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If you strongly believe that you can express yourself through language and can play with world very well, then this is your thing. By taking literary arts , one can become a poet, a writer, a lyricist, a scriptwriter etc. This is field of study which has absolutely no boundaries and it welcomes all. In this field, one can choose to be self-employed and be a blogger or an author. 

5) Community and Social Services:


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If you are a humanitarian  or feel strongly about people who are not equal to in terms of rights and facilities, then you should go for this. In a country like ours, where people face inequality in almost all the sectors, the value of social sector is currently on a boom. With time, it has also become mandatory for well established firms and companies too to fulfill their responsibility towards the society and do CSR projects. The professions in this field are: social work and politics. 

6) Defense Services:


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One can also choose to serve the country by going into the defense services. The defense services offer you a lifestyle of discipline and respect and teach you a whole new way of living. The career options in this field inculcate values like leadership in an individual and at the same time are rewarding and exciting. There are various practical, theory, medical exams and interviews that one has to clear to become a part of defense services. The professions that come under this category are: Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Services. 

7) Media and Communication:


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If you have great communication skills  and a thing to tell stories in a transparent and enthralling way, then media and communication is your field. You can change the way people look at the world by your words and also change your perspective of the world. Media is currently a very strong weapon and it rules the planet. 

8) Travel and Hospitality:


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If you like to travel, then do not let this opportunity go out of your hand. The time has come when you can make your passion your profession. Nowadays, you can travel whenever you want that too on your company’s expense. You can write, give reviews, blog and even make a YouTube  channel of you own to share your travel experiences. Hospitality, on the other hand will check your communication skills, personality and, politeness and the way you handle tough situations. This is one of the best professions, if you want to work in the best hotels in the world. 

9) Teacher Training:


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The education system nowadays is not meeting the demands of the students and it needs to be changed. The first step should probably be the way the students are being taught. If you feel strongly about giving knowledge to others about how it is done, you can become a teacher trainer. Also, when you choose this field, you dive deeper into the problems and may come out with amazing and creative solutions. 

10) Film and Entertainment:


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If you are someone who is great at acting and is very much interested in drama and arts, then this is your thing. Drama is a great way to deliver messages to the society. Nowadays, the film industry is growing rapidly and with its rapid growth, there also lies many opportunities for you to stay in the limelight. 

Apart from these, there are many professions which one can choose from based on your interests and preferences such as fashion designing, design, photography, event management, care services etc. The difficult part is to choose one amongst them. But you can always seek for help if you want any career advice from your parents, teachers and your mentors.

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