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Top 10 apps to improve your learning abilities and gain knowledge




Here are top 10 learning apps by which you can keep your brain cells active and excel in your life. While you can pick up your phone for passing your time, why not learn something from these apps?

In today’s world, it has become a necessity to be outstanding so that you can grab as many opportunities as you can when you get a chance. So, for that you have to brush up your skills to get that position. Here, I have recommended 10 apps that will improve your learning abilities and also give you a lot of knowledge that you can carry forward with you throughout your life. 

1) Coursera: 

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Coursera  is an online learning platform where you can basically learn a course on whatever topic you want to. The courses of Coursera  are made by some of the best universities. Some of the courses are from Harvard  and MIT  as well. You can easily get access to them just with your email ID. If you want to get access to graded assignments or want a certificate, you will have to make a payment. It depends on what the course is. You can easily get those course certificates after making the payment and add them to your resume. These courses help a lot in improving your understanding in general about the topics you are studying currently. In Coursera , they have a specific amount of time to complete a course, say, 4 weeks and in these 4 weeks, you have to read some texts, learn from videos, do some assignments and then appear for tests. 

2) Unacademy Learning App:

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Unacademy  is a very famous app especially among people who want to appear for Government examinations and indeed, it is really a very good app if you want to appear for government examinations and also various others as well. Here, you get to attend live classes by top educators, and also get your doubts cleared. It prepares you, lets you learn and appear for test series to boost your confidence and analyse your mistakes. It is actually free but if you take the Unacademy  plus subscription, you can get access to as many lectures as you want and also appear for test series and see where you stand in the all India level. 

3) Khan Academy: 

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Khan Academy  is an app where you can learn anything for free. It is a non-profit organization which is mostly funded by donations. Here, there are thousands of videos and articles to learn from with just a click. There are also exercises and quizzes to practice. There is also another app of Khan Academy  which is designed especially for kids.

4) Brilliant: 

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Brilliant  is an app which helps you understand problems and solve them. It helps you improve your quantitative abilities, improves your knowledge and makes you smart. Brilliant  is very engaging and it really makes you walk your brain cells out. You have to make some payment to get access to the app but it is really worth it. 

5) Vocabulary builder: 

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Vocabulary Builder  is an app to build your vocabulary. Vocabulary is going to help you a lot in no matter what field you are because essays, emails, etc. are some things that you are going to have to write anyway and when you have a good command over the language you are writing in, people get impressed anyway. If you just study like 5 words a day or like 10 words a day, by the end of the year, you will have 3650 new words in your vocabulary and that is a lot more for an average person. 

6) Kindle App: 

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Now, if you really want then you can buy the Kindle . But, if you do not want to, then you can just download the free books of Kindle  and read them on your phone. Kindle  unlimited also has a lot of books for 200 rupees a month subscription. By reading books, you can expand your knowledge and know more about things. There a lot of good non-fiction books available for free on Kindle  and maybe you should make use of it. 

7) Storytel: 

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If you love reading books, but don’t have time, Audiobooks are a way to go. In Storytel , you can pay an amount of 299 per month and get access to 1 lakh+ audiobooks for that period of time. You can read as many as you want to and expand your knowledge. There are extremely good books available in the non-fiction category and also in the fiction category. Read whatever book you want to read but read because reading is going to improve your knowledge by bounds. 

8) IELTS Prep:

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A lot of English speaking countries want you to appear for exams which test your English abilities so that you can apply for studies in those countries and IELTS  is one of those exams. If you want to appear for these examinations, ILETS Prep  is an ideal app to go to. It also helps you to bush up and improve your English even if you are not appearing for these exams. 

9) Medium: 

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Medium  is an app where you can read articles on any topic without any sort of distraction. There are no ads and you are in complete control of your feed. The articles are top-class and are written by great writer. When you sign-up for Medium , you get access to three subscription-only articles per month and unlimited access to non-subscription articles. You can get access to all the articles by paying an amount of $5 per month or $50 per year and it is worth it. 

10) Quora:

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Quora  is actually like a social media platform where you gain and share knowledge. It is like a community where you can ask questions which anyone can answer, request answers from someone specific. You can also answer questions and follow people whom you admire. Here, you have the option to ask and answer questions anonymously. There are many topics in Quora  which you can follow if it interests you. It is a great app to understand the world in a better way. 

Image Source: www.pinterest.comThere are many apps in the Google Play Store as well as in t he Apple Store  and the list goes on.

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